• Aviation Hydrant Cart
  • Aviation Hydrant Cart
  • Aviation Hydrant Cart
  • Westmor Jet A Hydrant Cart

Eliminate the use of ramps during the refueling process with our hydrant servicers or carts. Westmor servicers are equipped with a hydraulic raised platform to make fueling more efficient and faster—fuel rates over 800gpm. Our hydrant carts are towable up to 25 mph and fuel up to 450 gpm. 

Customization: Cart or Chassis Available

When custom is key, Westmor can help. Choose a cart or chassis mounted unit with your choice of sizes and options like a cold weather package. There are several configurations available to meet your needs. Our designs are compliant with ATA-103, EI 1529, EI 1583, NFPA 70, and NFPA 407.

  • Customization Aviation Hydrant Cart
  • Aviation Hydrant Cart

Solar Powered Efficiency

When efficiency matters, hydrant carts make the difference. You’ll save money by eliminating ramp movements and improving fuel efficiency. Our units utilizes a solar-powered electrical system with battery storage and an electric registration system. They also have a self-propelled hydraulic lift for quick and easy access.

Aviation Hydrant Cart

Hydrant Options

  • Electronic registration system
  • Wireless data capture
  • Inlet hose reel
  • Recovery tank
  • Pump back system
  • Mechanical ticket printer
  • Storage box
  • Cold weather package