• Propane Blueline Bobtail
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail

Our commitment to manufacturing and cutting-edge technology means you are guaranteed a safe and reliable bobtail. Our tanks are manufactured on-site ensuring you have access to the most versatile propane delivery truck on the market. Westmor designs, engineers and manufactures our Blueline® Bobtail as well as perform tests, maintenance and repairs in our shop facilities.


The Blueline® Bobtail is the most versatile propane delivery truck in the market. Whether you’re needing to deliver to a home or business, our on-site manufacturing and fabrication allows you to fully customize your truck to your exact specifications. Most common sizes range from 750 to 7,000 gallons. Custom sizes available.

Delivery Blueline® QX Bobtail

Ergoload Deck™ Fill Lines

With our ongoing quest for driver convenience and product design improvements, let us introduce you to our new patent-pending Blueline® Bobtail Ergoload Deck™ Fill Lines. Designed to reduce strains on driver’s lifting heavy hoses, the Ergoload Deck™ Fill Line lowers the height of fill line access points to waist-height, or just above the bumper. This option is available on all of Westmor’s Blueline® Bobtails.

Blueline Bobtail Ergoload Fill Lines

Repair & Refurbish

Nobody knows repair work better than our team at Westmor Industries. Armed with over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and truck repair space, plus a team of dedicated service specialists, we have the size and scope to get units in and out quickly and efficiently! Our repair and refurbish department is R and U Stamp Certified to ensure you will be driving the safest, most reliable truck around.




  • Backup camera
  • Blow off lines
  • Brake interlock
  • Bumper Cover
  • Bypass line
  • Chock blocks
  • Custom paint
  • Electronic printers
  • Enclosed deck
  • Evacuation line
  • Frame cover
  • Hose reel cover
  • Hose reels
  • Hose rollers
  • Internal piping
  • Lights
  • Meter box
  • Meters
  • Methanol injector
  • Nozzle holder
  • Open deck
  • Rock guard
  • Safety fill adaptor
  • Second reel
  • Side load
  • Sprayfill
  • Squibb Taylor jaw hose
  • Thermaflow Hydraulic Cooler
  • Tire chain
  • Tool box
  • Tow hooks
  • Unmetered pump
  • Vapor hose
  • Vapor hose storage
  • Vapor piping
  • Withdrawal valve
  • Ergoload Deck™ Fill Lines
  • Self load
  • Shovel holder

Westmor Wow

“I had some trouble with the pump on my Blueline™ Bobtail during dryer season one year so I gave Westmor a call. I arrived at 5:30 at night, had a new pump rebuilt and installed. I left at 11:30 that night and finished my dryer counts. During busy season, time is money and Westmor took care of me.”
Lucky's Propane, Evansville, MN
“Unlike most other manufacturers, Westmor builds its own vessels, and that makes a huge difference. It is the quality of the vessel itself and the quality of the welding and fabrication that makes for such great appearance.”
CHS, Inc., Auburn, WA
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail
  • Propane Blueline Bobtail