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Westmor Industries is the upper Midwest’s leading c-store service provider. We have experienced crews that can install or repair station equipment from the underground up, including: dispensers, Point of Sale (POS) systems, tank monitoring devices and much more. Westmor’s crews are highly knowledgeable with industry rules and regulations and are brand certified.


Ready to be supported at your c-store 100% of the time? Westmor Industries to the rescue! We offer 24/7 Bluephone Support backed by a network of certified technicians to keep your equipment operating at all times. With access to industry leading parts through our multiple warehouse locations, our experienced, brand certified crews will get you back up and running in no time at all.


(800) 587-3876


Westmor is always actively investing in and training new technicians to serve our c-store customers. They’re ready to equip your store with new dispensers, Point of Sale (POS) systems, tank monitoring devices and much more. Our crews can repair or install equipment from the underground up and because we engineer, manufacture and install the equipment, you have one point of contact for everything.


Our technicians are highly knowledgeable with industry rules, regulations and codes. They are trained to meet strict manufacturer guidelines in order to be brand certified and every repair or installation is guaranteed to be compliant with state and local regulations. Our technicians will perform testing and updates. When you register today to be a Worry Free Maintenance site and we’ll even monitor and maintain annual and mandated compliance tests. Service packages available.

Cstore Technical Support
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Jonathan Medina

Reed Fox

Walt Griffith

Chris Tolifson

Jeremy Anspach

Cory Schroeder

Darin Bouressa

Mitchel Bowe

Tony Brunelle

Doug Tipler

Terry Teppo

Daniel Vanden Busch

Gene Taylor

Douglas Burtlow

Donovan McMullan

Jeff Salmon

“I had some trouble with the pump on my Blueline® Bobtail during dryer season one year so I gave Westmor a call. I arrived at 5:30 at night, had a new pump rebuilt and installed. I left at 11:30 that night and finished my dryer counts. During busy season, time is money and Westmor took care of me.”
Lucky's Propane, Evansville, MN