• Terminal Loading/Blending Skid Prepackaged and Factory Tested
  • Terminal Loading/Blending Skid
  • Terminal Loading/Blending Skid
  • Terminal Loading/Blending Skid
  • Rail Terminal Loading/Blending Skid
  • Terminal Loading/Blending Skid Rail Top Loadout

When you’re looking to load, offload or blend your own fuel, we have fueling skids to fit your exact application. Load rail at a maximum of 1500GPM. Build your fueling skid for truck or rail for a multitude of products including ethanol, asphalt, biodiesel, chemicals and LPG/propane.

Flexible Design

Whether you’re looking for a custom or stock manufactured skid, we will work with you to supply a system that fits your application. All of the meters, piping, pumps and other components are tailored to your application with heat tracing options available. Maximize your load-out potential by adding a blending skid, additive injector or slave skid. Our systems will easily integrate into your fueling application.

Terminal Loading/Blending Skid Accuracy


Load and offload truck and rail at a flow rate of 1,500 gallons per minute with added options to blend your fuel. Our fueling skids are designed to load and unload truck or rail and are built to DOT406 specs and are NTEP weight and measurement approved for custody transfer.

Terminal Loading/Blending Skid Complete Solution

Design Innovation

Introducing the new, patented, vapor plate from Westmor Industries.

You’ll be more efficient with the all new patented offload skid vapor plate. It’s designed to move with the top of the tank to seal in vapors even when it’s off balance. You’re saving money because you not losing vapor which means more revenue for you.

Rail Terminal Loading/Blending Skid Arm


  • Microload controller
  • Loading hose
  • High volume air eliminator
  • Ratio blending
  • Side stream blending
  • Sequential blending
  • Positive displacement meter
  • Coriolis meter (mass flow)
  • Micron filter
  • Vapor recovery
  • Dual loading arm
  • Remote top load arm
  • Dual meter
  • Deadman control with time relay
  • Inline meter proving
  • Printer