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  • Proving and Calibration Volumetric Prover
  • Proving and Calibration Volumetric Prover

Keeping your equipment accurate has never been easier. When working with Westmor you’ll have one point of contact. Not only do we manufacture, install, repair and maintain all fueling equipment, we have teams to provide services including proving and calibration. Schedule your maintenance with us and we’ll keep your equipment accurate and make any necessary repairs to keep your operation running. If you’re in the market for a prover yourself, you can get a quote from us too.

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Fuel Skid Repair and Meter Calibration

Industry veteran and Westmor Field Service Manager, Scott Fish, has been working on skids for over 20 years. In this video he shares all the ways his team can help service your fuel skids and meters.

Regulation Compliant

Stay compliant and keep your equipment accurate. Adhere to industry regulations and test your fuel transfer accuracy. Choose quarterly, biannual, yearly or customized timing for testing. Let our team know when you’d like tests run and our teams will track your deadlines and contact you to schedule future maintenance and testing.

Proving and Calibration

Customized Services

You’ll receive the best value for service, repairs and maintenance. All services offered are customized to your exact needs. The team will never red tag and leave. We’ll always calibrate as close to zero as possible and make sure you’re operation is up and running before we leave. If you have any trouble with any components while we’re servicing, we’ll replace them, hassle free.

Proving and Calibration

Set Apart

Westmor is one of the few companies that offers the option of proving with a small volumetric prover (SVP). We’re also certified to remove the red tag and ensure your meters calibrate correctly. Because we are your single source solution we’ll manufacture, install, maintain your equipment and even get you through start up. It’s easy with one point of contact.

Proving and Calibration
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