Westmor Industries Adds 80K Truck and Pull to Transport Lineup

Westmor Industries launches their 80K Truck and Pull, designed to meet market needs in the Western U.S. Built to DOT 406 specifications, the unit is manufactured with a lightweight, ergonomic design.

“The advantage of the 80K transporter is that it designed to provide greater payload and still get into the tight places that it needs to get into,” says Jason Soulon, Westmor’s Branch Manager for its plant in Shawnee, Kansas.

The unit is equipped with dual discharge lines so the driver can deliver fuel from whichever side is easier, depending on the layout of the c-store where the drop is taking place. The truck tank is a 4,500-gallon single compartment tank while the pull tank carries 5,400 gallons in three compartments. To make the truck lighter in weight, Westmor uses aluminum for all the bracketry and rear impact bumpers.