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At Westmor Industries, our core values are the guiding principles behind the decisions our employees make every day. They do not change from situation to situation. Instead, our principles are the rock-solid foundation of our business and a road map to employee success.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins explains what he calls the “Hedgehog Concept,” businesses committing to doing one thing and doing it well. Collins uses the parable of a clever, devious fox and a simple hedgehog.

The fox keeps coming up with new ideas to eat the hedgehog, but the hedgehog defeats him by doing one trick: rolling into a thorny ball. Who wins…every time? Like the hedgehog, Westmor developed simple, strategic concepts that we pursue with relentless consistency.

Pillars of Strategy

What we are deeply passionate about?

What drives our economic engine?

Customer Wow:
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