• Aviation Refueling and Defueling Bowser
  • Aviation Jet A Refueling and Defueling Bowser
  • Aviation Jet A Refueling and Defueling Bowser

With sizes ranging from 200 – 1,000 gallons, our aviation bowser has been ergonomically engineered for quick access for portable fueling. Our aviation bowser is designed for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, hydrant pits and drums. The durable design holds Avgas or Jet fuel.

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The aviation bowser has models available for Jet Fuel or Avgas with sizes ranging from 200 up to 1,000 gallons. The bowser can be equipped with a 48” tow bar and a front steer towable cart to pair with ground service equipment. Choose from many customized options such as colors, decals and hoses to meet your exact specifications.


Aviation Refueling and Defueling Bowser

Ease of Use

Westmor’s Refueling and Defueling Bowser is designed for fixed rotary wing aircrafts, hydrant pits and drums. They are extremely durable and are built strong for years of trouble-free service. The ergonomic design allows for quick access to fueling components. The design makes safety easy with the max speed reaching only 15 mph.

Aviation Refueling and Defueling Bowser


  • Front Steer Towable Cart
  • 48″ Tow Bar
  • Static Ground Reel
  • Hand Brake
  • 15 MPH Max Speed
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Bottom Mounted Gravity Drain
  • Top Mounted Manway
  • Hose Hangers
  • Spring Rewind Hose
  • Pump Upgrades
  • Jet Fuel/Avgas Filter
  • Millipore Sample System
  • Stainless Steel Storage
  • 25′-50′ Hose
  • Custom Placards
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