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Bulk Storage

Working with one crew from concept to completion can help alleviate many pains along the construction and storage installation journey. Our in-house engineering staff, manufacturing, and certified installation and repair crews can help minimize downtime and create a safe working environment during install.

  • Certified two-member installation crews with consistent monitoring of state and federal regulations
  • Compliant with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) and 6G certified welders.
  • Multiple fuel types and industries serviced including Propane (LP), Refined Fuel, Ethanol, Anhydrous (NH3), Agriculture, Aviation, Atmospheric.
Bulk Storage Installation by Westmor Industries
Tank Setting | Bulk Storage Installation | Westmor Industries

Tank Setting

  • Qualified installation teams ensure safe and efficient delivery and tank setting
  • Certified two-person crews to minimize downtime
Welded Tank Piping | Storage Installation | Westmor Industries

Tank Piping

  • Utilize welded piping wherever possible to reduce potential for leaks
  • 6G and ASME certified welders
Cathodic Protection Installation by Westmor Industries

Cathodic protection installation

  • Design and install cathodic protection systems that supply direct current to the reinforcing steel to keep your tank from suffering the affects of corrosive activity
  •  Ensure the longevity of the tank

Westmor Provers

Keeping your fueling equipment accurate has never been easier.
Did you know Westmor makes provers?

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Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • Innovation and forward thinking
  • Over 25+ years of experience in bulk storage solutions
  • Competitive lead times because we stock our building materials
  • Use welded piping vs. threaded – mitigates potential leaks
  • In-house design and construction engineers to customize for you

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