3D Virtual Tours

Construction Management

Westmor’s Construction Management can create a 3D fly-thru tour (virtual preview) of your project’s interior or exterior, as an option in the preliminary design stage. 

Click on each video to see the 3D tour and get a fly-thru of each project.

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  • 4,996 sq.ft. floor plan
  • Flat roof design
  • Brushed aluminum paneled exterior
  • Decorative metal sunshade awning over windows
  • Mountain views
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  • Spacious entrance/check-out area
  • Decorative cable-hung, exposed, flat-roof truss system
  • Walk-in coolers
  • Small grab and go deli
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  • 6,848 sq. ft. floor plan
  • Vertical wood and board & batten siding
  • Stone veneer finish on the exterior
  • Heated sidewalks
  • Large arched design over both main entries
  • 12” timer posts with tapered stone columns at entries
  • Metal sunshade awnings
  • Exposed trusses at both vestibule locations
  • Deli features BBQ foods, Hunt Brothers Pizza and Champs Chicken
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  • 5,964 sq. ft. floor plan
  • Flat roof design
  • Exposed wood & metal trusses
  • Axiom ceiling clouds
  • Large beer cave with stone front
  • Unique check out counter design
  • ACM panels at the front entry
  • Shiplap siding
  • Corrugated steel siding
  • Black metal awnings
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  • 4,637 sq. ft. Floor plan
  • Brick and corrugated steel exterior
  • Large windows
  • Car wash
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Deli
  • Restaurant
  • Office area
  • Large storage room
  • Custom/specialized check out area

3D Virtual Photo Tour

360˚ footage of A Completed Store

See a Westmor Construction Management team’s finished project through a virtual tour. 

Click on the location you want to view next, and explore it as if you are standing in the store.

Cottonwood Co-op

Cottonwood, Minnesota

  • 6,840 sq. ft. floor plan
  • High ceilings and hardy tiled floors
  • Spacious entrance/check-out area
  • Large seating area for customers to dine
  • LED lighting and vast window views for added security
  • Kitchen, coffee stations, and grab-and-go deli

Convenience Store Aftermarket Services

When it comes time for c-store related service, installation or repairs, we are well-equipped to support you.
Click on any service to get more information.

Reduce downtime when a part fails – Westmor can help with our large stock of in-house parts. We carry most major brands to help get you back up and running quickly. 

Westmor’s field service team can keep your c-store running smoothly and efficiently. We provide help on-site ranging from emergency repairs to petroleum equipment installations.

Keep your store running and fuel flowing with C-Store Support from Westmor. Levels of support involve generating reminders for testing, maintenance or reporting, or Westmor product warranties. Get more information here.