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  • Lube Van Side or Tower Delivery Systems
  • Delivery Lube Van
  • Delivery Lube Van

Experience maintenance friendly, trouble-free operation with Westmor’s lube van designs. Our lube vans can be specially equipped to haul one, two or multiple service products including: light motor oil, heavy motor oil, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), transmission fluid, glycol, antifreeze, window washing fluid and more.

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Our flexible designs and experienced in-house engineers allow us to customize your lube van to best fit your application. Choose from a tower or cabinet delivery systems. We have a wide selection of features and options to choose from with pumping systems that are designed to maximize flow rates.

Lube Van Side or Tower Delivery Systems

Hauling Capabilities

Our lube vans can be manufactured for any kind of hauling capabilities including light and heavy motor oil, transmission oil, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze and DEF. Choose to heat the body of the Lube Van to maintain product temperature.

Lube Van Multiple Barrel and Tote Storage

Repair & Refurbish

Nobody knows repair work better than our team at Westmor Industries. Armed with over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and truck repair space, plus a team of dedicated service specialists, we have the size and scope to get units in and out quickly and efficiently! Our repair and refurbish department is R and U Stamp Certified to ensure you will be pulling the safest tank around.

Lube Van Tower Delivery Systems


  • Hi-Speed pump off with air clean out
  • DEF systems
  • 2-Stage preset delivery
  • Hose tube storage
  • Remote control
  • Marshall excelsior chock blocks
  • Side or tower delivery system
  • Hose storage and nozzle shut-offs
  • Electronic registration
  • Riser pipes with shut offs
  • Delivery Lube Van
  • Delivery Lube Van
  • Delivery Lube Van Lift Gate
  • Delivery Lube Van
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