We offer several design innovations for our Blueline® Bobtail. These features make your day run smoother and allow you to offer more services to your customers, all in one truck. 

  • Ergonomic position for hose hook-up
  • Waist height spray-fill and vapor-return lines
  • Reduces stress and strain on the operator
  • Autogas Fill Cabinet
  • Bottle Fill Cabinet
  • Service Pack Cabinet
  • High quality plug and play unit
  • Easily access components and connections
  • Centrally located

Autogas Fill Cabinet

  • Designed to fill small fleets with propane autogas
  • Add fleet fueling to LP delivery to serve more 
  • Can be installed with Service Pack system

Bottle Fill Cabinet

  • Designed for filling smaller cylinders
  • Built in scale is rated for up to 100 lbs
  • Can be installed with Service Pack system

Service Pack Cabinet

  • Designed for convenient access to tools and storage
  • Allows driver to make minor repairs on regular route
  • Can be installed with other mobile systems
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