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  • DEF Above Ground Tank & Dispenser
  • Installation Under Ground Tank

It’s never been more simple to provide convenience for your customers looking for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. You’ll also provide a new revenue stream for your station. We have options for new c-store construction or remodels available.

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Whether you’re building a new c-store or remodeling an existing location, offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid on your fueling island is a great way to retain customers and provide a new revenue stream for your station. Westmor provides above ground or a below ground Diesel Exhaust Fluid packages.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Convenience Fueling Island


Installation is easy because the packages integrate with your existing equipment, including your existing interface supported by your current POS system.

Installation Under Ground Tank


The pump comes standard with overfill prevention. It’s protected against corrosion with its stainless steel fittings. The heated cabinet prevents Diesel Exhaust Fluid freezing and crystallization with minimal power usage. The Weights & Measures approved stainless steel mass flow meter measures Diesel Exhaust Fluid accurately and reliably.

Encore S DEF + 1 Dispenser

Above Ground

DEF Above Ground Tank

For Existing Stores

  • Located on or off your island
  • Extreme cold resistant
  • Available in 400 or 1,000 gallons
  • Available in tan or blue
  • Inside option available
  • Certified to CSA C22.2 & UL508

Turnkey Package:

  • Kleerblue 1000 gallon AST
  • Gilbarco Encor DEF Retrofit kit
  • Def-Trac® underground piping w/heat trace
  • All installation and permitting

Under Ground

Installation Under Ground Tank

For New Construction

  • Best option when building a new station
  • Experienced installation crews
  • Knowledgeable on state and local regulations
  • One source for engineering, manufacturing and installation
  • High and Low temperature & product alarms
  • 3rd party above ground tank gauge

Turnkey Package:

  • 4,000+ gallon UST – Singlewall, UL listed (double wall option available)
  • Gilbarco Encore DEF Retrofit kit
  • 1 ½” APT Piping
  • In-line temperature compensator equipped to recirculate product
  • All installation and permitting
  • DEF Above Ground Tank & Dispenser
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Above Ground Tank
  • Installation Under Ground Tank
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