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  • Convenience Store (Cstore) Fuel Dispensers
  • Convenience Store (Cstore) Fuel Dispensers
  • Convenience Store (Cstore) Fuel Dispensers

At Westmor Industries, we’ll not only equip your store with fueling dispensers, we’ll install, maintain and repair them as well.

Best in Class

Meet the Gilbarco Veeder-Root family of fuel dispensers. They’re designed to maximize your profitability and are proven to be reliable for years to come. Whether you’re upgrading an old dispenser or installing a new dispenser, or just looking to offer more fueling options, we’ll be your contact to help you maximize your investment and remain PCI compliant.


We’ll not only equip your store with fueling dispensers, we’ll install, maintain and repair them as well. Westmor will even guarantee that all work done is compliant to state and local regulations. We have experienced crews to install and repair all c-store equipment from the underground up so no matter your needs you can get it all taken care of with one source.


Convenience Store (Cstore) Fuel Dispensers

24/7 Customer Service

To ensure that your convenience store equipment is operating at all times, Westmor provides 24/7 phone support backed by a network of service technicians to serve you. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable about industry rules, regulations and codes and meet strict manufacturer guidelines to be brand certified. Register to be a Worry Free Maintenance site and we’ll even monitor and maintain annual and mandated compliance tests. Service Packages available.

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Gilbarco Encore 700S Fuel Dispenser
  • Content management options with Applause™ merchandising system
  • High image resolution with video performance
  • 5.7″ screen with optional 10.4″ upgrade
Gilbarco Encore 500S Fuel Dispenser
  • Lowest installed maintenance cost
  • “Always-on” reliability that integrates with any third-party POS or Passport system
  • Multiple alternative fuel offerings



Gilbarco Encore Ultra-Hi Flow Fuel Dispenser
  • Pair one or two sided masters with one or two sided satellites
  • Gilbarco® CRIND® card reader in dispenser
  • Compatible with most third party POS and back office systems
Gilbarco Encore Flex Fuel Dispenser
  • Environmentally friendly components for biodiesel, E85, LPG, CNG and hydrogen
  • Contactless card reader
  • More than two hoses on each side mark ethanol blends and prevent misfueling
Convenience Store (Cstore) Fuel Dispensers
  • Stainless steel hydraulics protect against corrosion
  • Thermostat-controlled heated cabinet prevents freezing with minimal power consumption
  • Gilbarco® CRIND electronics work with your POS system
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