Refined Fuel Fleets

Fleet Fueling

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Westmor will work hard to provide you with a full-scale system including storage tanks and piping that is designed specifically for you. Our team of certified installation and service providers ensure you’re up and running quickly.

  • Manage fuel inventory
  • Track transactions
  • Maintain compliance with secure card readers for unattended sites
Fleet Fueling Systems- Self-Contained tank and pump fireguard by Westmor

Fleet Fueling System Options

Depending on your needs and location, choose the best fueling system for you.

Fleet Fueling Systems-portable cutout pump and tank

Self-Contained Skid-Mounted System

Easily travel from site to site and fuel your operation

  • Onboard fuel dispenser
  • Optional Fleet Management System
  • Above-ground system
Fleet Fueling Systems- stand-alone cutout 12k AST with PV100 dispenser

Stand-Alone System

Fuel up anywhere even if you’re far away from any fueling site.

  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Refuel without leaving site
  • On-site training provided with installation

Need Better Fuel Tracking?

FuelCloud combines hardware, a web portal and a mobile app to give you
real-time fuel tracking to check inventory, run reports and manage pump permissions.

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