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  • Cstore Technical Support
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  • Cstore Technical Support
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Westmor Industries is the upper Midwest’s leading c-store suport provider. We have experienced crews that can install or repair station equipment from the underground up, including: dispensers, Point of Sale (POS) systems, tank monitoring devices and much more. Westmor’s crews are highly knowledgeable with industry rules and regulations and are brand certified. 

Services include construction and renovation of fuel service stations, fuel pumping apparatus, and convenience store buildings. We also repair fuel pump and metering apparatuses. We offer retail and wholesale store services featuring petroleum and liquid transport vehicles and their parts.

Call  1 (800) 587-3876 for C-Store Support


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c- store support options with Westmor
worry-free maintenance Westmor

When you choose Westmor Industries for construction management, as a courtesy, we enroll your c-store in our Worry-FREE Maintenance Program.

This will generate reminders for testing, maintenance, reporting and Westmor product warranties. All at no cost to you.

Don’t want to forget regular maintenance and state-mandated testing? Let Westmor’s Field Service Team schedule and perform regular tasks like:

  • function testing
  • filter replacement
  • cathodic protection
  • calibration at your station

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Keep your store running and fuel flowing with C-Store Support from Westmor.

This gets you registered for Worry-FREE Maintenance.

All the standard features of the Worry-FREE Maintenance only add Westmor’s Bluephone® Support, which gives c-store managers 24/7 service backing. (About 80% of equipment complications can be resolved with a phone call.)

Save thousands of dollars and get quick access to qualified service techs.

 Call 1-800-587-3876 to get signed up.

Westmor’s Bluephone® Support Plus gives you all of the features from our regular BluePhone® Support with the added benefits of:

  • Discounted site inspections
  • No back charges from Pinnacle*

 Call 1-800-587-3876 to get signed up.

BluePhone® Support

Watch first-hand what makes Westmor’s Bluephone® Support and their in-field service techs some of the friendliest, qualified, and best you can find. Techs are ready and available to serve your c-store when you reach a time-sensitive situation!

Westmor Service Technician Support

Service and Repair

Our certified crews can repair or install equipment from the underground up and because we engineer, manufacture and install the equipment, you have one point of contact for everything. 

  • Fuel dispensers
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Tank Monitoring Devices
  • Cardtrols
  • Line Monitors
  • Submersible Pumps
Parts Stocked to Serve


For parts, you want reliable brands like Blackmer, Liquid Controls®, Emco Wheaton, Gilbarco, and Hannay Reels®. Our warehouses are stocked full for each of the industries and product lines we serve and backed by a same day shipping promise. PartsPicture


Worry-FREE Maintenance Tasks

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Worry Free C-Store Maintenance Function Testing

Function Testing

  • Performed every 12 months.
  • Test leak detection equipment.
  • Meet pressure requirements.
Worry Free C-Store Maintenance Filter Replacement

Filter Replacement

  • Performed every 12 months.
  • All product filters replaced.
  • Ensure flow and clean fuel.

Cathodic Protection

  • Meet state requirements.
  • Applicable CP testing.
  • Be state compliant.
Worry Free C-Store Maintenance Calibration


  • Performed every 12 months.
  • Calibrate fueling points.
  • Ensure accurate dispensing.

Westmor Tech Tips

Check out our current Youtube library of  C-store-related tech tips.

Founder of Jerry’s U-Save Shares His Westmor Experience

Jerry Hentges, president and founder of Jerry’s U-Save, shares his experience of being a long-time customer of Westmor Industries. Jerry’s uses a number of Westmor’s offerings including refined fuel trucks, bobtails, transports, bulk plants, and c-store support.

Service Tech Locations

Westmor service tech map

Jonathan Medina

Reed Fox

Walt Griffith

Chris Tolifson

Jeremy Anspach

Cory Schroeder

Darin Bouressa

Tony Brunelle

Doug Tipler

Terry Teppo

Daniel Vanden Busch

Gene Taylor

Douglas Burtlow

Donovan McMullan

Jeff Salmon

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