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  • Terminal Modifications
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  • Terminal Modifications Ethanol Piping
  • Terminal Modifications Pipe Bridging
  • Terminal Modifications
  • Terminal Modifications Bulk Storage
  • Terminal Modifications Storage, Pumps and Piping

Integrate new equipment into your existing terminal or install new equipment specially designed for your operation. We have experienced, certified crews to ensure a safe and efficient installation. Westmor also provides a emergency repair service to keep your site operating safely no matter what time of day.

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Westmor provides turnkey installation including the design, manufacturing and installation to the customer’s exact specification. Everything will run smoothly with one contact from concept to completion. We provide experienced and certified installation crews to finish the project.

Terminal Modifications Tank Installation and Upgrades


You can easily modify any of your terminal equipment whether it’s to increase throughput, add in additional piping and storage or tank and vessel upgrades. We have experienced, certified crews to handle the job. No project is too big or too small. Our crews have worked on everything from simple valve replacement to ground-up piping fabrication.

Terminal Modifications

Service and Repair

Westmor offers service and repair to any existing terminal. We’ll even perform on-site evaluations and plan maintenance and inspection programs that are fully customizable to your operation’s needs. We even offer emergency repair services to limit downtime. Our crews are experienced and certified with an exceptionally high safety rating.

Terminal Modifications Service and Repair


Service and Repair

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • On-Site System Evaluations
  • Customizable Maintenance/Inspection Programs


  • Upgrade Existing Equipment
  • Increase Throughput
  • Add Additional Piping and Storage


  • ASME – U and R Stamp
  • API – 1104
  • B31
  • Hot Taps (Fuel and High Pressure Gas)
  • OQ Qualifications


  • Complete Turnkey Installation
  • Design, Manufacture and Install to Customer Spec.

On-Demand Parts

  • On-Site Parts Warehouse for Quick Access
  • Reduce Downtime

Safety Database Reporting

  • ISNet
  • PICs
  • PEC Premier
  • NCMS
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