• Terminal Chassis Mounted Transloader
  • Terminal Transloader Hydraulic Raise Staircase
  • Terminal Transloader Trailer Mounted with Hydraulic Staircase
  • Terminal Transloader Efficient Loading/Unloading
  • Terminal Transloader
  • Terminal Mobile Transloader
  • Terminal Transloader Site Mobility

Save time by choosing a chassis or trailer mounted transloader for easy portability.  Whether you’re looking to load and offload railcars or transports, we can fully customize your transloader for your specific operation. Load or offload at speeds up to 225 gallons per minute.

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With over 40 years of transloading experience, Westmor’s in-house engineers provide custom capabilities to match your application needs. Our transloaders are built with industry leading component brands. Choose a skid, chassis or trailer mounted option.

Terminal Chassis Mounted Transloader


The practice of transloading from railcar has been in the Unites States for over 100 years. The first transloader was built to transfer bulk material to tractor trailers safely. Today, transloaders offer the lowest cost in the fastest time. Our transloaders can load or offload from rail truck to rail, or vice versa, at up to 225 gallons per minute.

Terminal Transloader Staff


If you need to be able to move from site to site, we can build a mobile transloader to your specific needs. Our chassis or trailer mounted options will make it easy. In addition to being able to easily move from site to site, you can choose options to fit the work done at each site.


Termianl Mobile Transloader Trailer Mounted


Terminal Transloader Chassis Mounted
Terminal Transloader Trailer Mounted


  • Air Eliminator
  • Vapor Plate
  • Storage
  • Overflow system
  • Blow Off Lines
  • Work Lights
  • Hose Racks
  • Optional Pump

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“It takes us about 5 minutes or less to setup. Whenever we get a truck in, it only takes an hour to offload each truck. There’s times where we can offload 18 units a day.”

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