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The  NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo™ took place Sunday, April 24 – Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The experience was full of networking, educational sessions, and keynote speakers, and the opportunity to explore new products and services in our industry. If you were unable to attend or were looking for some of the information and materials that were at the Westmor booth, you’ve come to the right place!

at npga in 2022

Blueline® Distribution Trailer

Jason Soulon

NEW Product Alert!

At NPGA we launched our Blueline Distribution Trailer. The standard model features a 6,000 gallon cargo tank, nearly twice the capacity of a typical single axle bobtail. That means fewer trips to the bulk plant, opportunities to consolidate routes and the versatility to supplement transport loads when needed.

The trailer has the same features and functionality as a conventional bobtail so the Blueline Distribution Trailer can do just about anything that a Blueline Bobtail can do. Options include our new, ring-of-fire lighting system that was previously only available on our Proline™ Transport Trailers. 

If your operation transports or delivers refined fuels, you’ll want to consider a similar product in our Transtech™ product family. You’ll be able to change from refined fuel transport and delivery to propane transport and delivery using one tractor.

Pathway™ Delivery System

Tim Albert

Swiveling Hose Reel to Make Delivery Easy

This swiveling hose reel innovation uses a turn-table that allows the driver to position the hose reel at the best angle for each propane delivery.

Normally, the customer’s tank is anywhere but behind the bobtail and the driver will exert extra effort to pull the hose in the correct direction. The Pathway Delivery System will eliminate steps making delivery quicker, and increasing productivity.

It will decrease stress and strain on the operator as well as the chance of injury. By pulling the hose straight off of the reel, the hose is not rubbing against the hose rollers, reducing the likelihood of cracks and gouges in the hose.

Proline™ Transport Trailer

Swiveling Hose Reel to Make Delivery Easy

Westmor will help you to design a trailer to match your operational needs. Maximize your load potential and reduce delivery costs with customizable trailer weights and balances.

Choose from our standard (ST) model or lightweight (LT) model and a large list of other options to complete your trailer.

Terminal Modification

Troy Case

Realize Your Innovation

Our customers come to us because Westmor is a team of challenge solvers. We’ll listen to understand your needs and use our expertise to creatively design solutions to meet your curent and future goals. 

If you have questions about decarbonization, preventative maintenance, lead times, capex projects, load times or any other project, we’re here for it. We’ll work together to realize your innovation!

presentations for 2022

Supply Chain Challenges - What can you Control?

by Tim Albert

Session Description: The supply chain challenges we’re seeing are frustrating for everyone. Get an overview on what is happening as well as tips on how you control something that seems so out of control. From production to delivery marketers, get a better sense of what they can control and how to stay ahead of supply challenges.

  • What supply chain issues affect the market and how a marketer can better prepare to get their equipment in the time frame they need.
  • Discuss what the marketer can control and what is out of their control as it pertains to trucks, tanks & equipment.
  • How supply chain issues affect not only the marketers business but also things in everyday life such as food, personal items, and products.

Bobtail Pre-Trip Inspection and Best Practices

by Brian Pachl

Session Description: A DOT pre-trip inspection is designed to keep you safe while on the road but through many years of experience, we’ve recognized additional items that can frequently cause challenges while en route.

There are a series of items that could be checked pre-trip and specific maintenance functions that can be performed to prevent downtime and keep bobtail operators safe.

Learn how to create or improve a current pre-trip checklist and regular maintenance program for bobtails to save costs and increase safety for bobtail operators.Gain knowledge to perform better pre-trip inspections and how to keep bobtails operating safely and efficiently.

  • Discuss areas of the bobtail and factors that cause unexpected down-time, potential repair costs, and safety issues for operators
  • Illustrate the most common concerns on bobtails that are overlooked during pre-trips and missed during preventative maintenance
  • Provide knowledge and resources for attendees to be able to create a pre-trip check and maintenance plan for their bobtails
  • Understanding the relationship between pre-trip checks, maintenance and unexpected downtime.
  • Minimizing expenses and safety concerns using pre-trip checks and regular maintenance.
  • How to create a schedule or plan to perform pre-trip checks and maintenance

Trends in Delivery

by Jason Soulon

Session Description: As times change and your customer’s demands evolve, you need the correct equipment to get your product delivered as efficiently and safely as possible. Explore the latest trends in truck and trailer design, features that promote safety while traveling to and making a delivery, and methods for speeding up and slowing down delivery rates. We’ll provide information on available products to increase delivery efficiency and safety.

  • Increasing awareness of the delivery options available in the market today
  • Using the latest and greatest safety features to your advantage
  • Increasing and decreasing flow rates as needed
  • Gain a better understanding of what is available to assist in safe and timely deliveries of propane

Featured Speakers

Tim Albert

Tim Albert

Tim Albert has 15+ years of experience designing and supporting refined fuel and propane tanker trucks.  He attended Frostburg State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2001. After college Tim began his career at Advanced Tank Systems, Inc.

He actively grew the business and continued until Advanced Tank Systems was purchased in 2015 by Westmor Industries. Tim became branch manager of Westmor’s East Coast facilities and was an integral part in relocating and opening their new truck shop in Bridgeville, DE, and Baltimore, MD.  Tim now serves as the Regional Sales Manager for both locations.

Brian Pachl

Brian Pachl

Brian is a graduate of the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, OK. He received his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Quality Control Technology with a Minor in Non-Destructive Testing in 2006.

From there, he entered the defense industry and worked there for nearly 10 years. He was a Level II Radiographic Technician and served as the lead over the largest linear accelerator facility in the state of Arkansas.

It was at that point in time that Brian moved into the propane industry gaining his experience as a Compliance and Operations Manager as well as a Radiation Safety Officer. In July of 2020, he started working for Westmor Industries as a Sales Territory Manager within their Truck and Trailer division.

While Brian is originally from central Arkansas, he currently resides in Indianola, Iowa, with his wife, Lori, and their 3 children, Gavin (9), Dagan (5), and Allison (3).

Jason Soulon

Jason Soulon has more than two decades of experience designing and supporting commercial motor vehicles. He attended Southern Illinois University and has worked for Jarco and Tri State Tank. In 2013 Jason opened a new truck shop in Kansas City for Westmor where he serves as the Branch Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

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