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Westmor at UMCS 2022

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The Upper Midwest Convenience Store & Energy Convention (UMCS) was held April 18 – 20, 2022 in St. Paul, MN. This event is the largest show for fuel marketers and c-store professionals in the Upper Midwest. If you were unable to attend or were looking for some of the information and materials that were at the Westmor booth, you’ve come to the right place!

AT umcs 2022

Blueline® Distribution Trailer

Jason Soulon

NEW Product Alert!

At UMCS we launched our Blueline Distribution Trailer. The standard model features a 6,000 gallon cargo tank, nearly twice the capacity of a typical single axle bobtail. That means fewer trips to the bulk plant, opportunities to consolidate routes and the versatility to supplement transport loads when needed.

The trailer has the same features and functionality as a conventional bobtail so the Blueline Distribution Trailer can do just about anything that a Blueline Bobtail can do. Options include our new, ring-of-fire lighting system that was previously only available on our Proline™ Transport Trailers. 

If your operation transports or delivers refined fuels, you’ll want to consider a similar product in our Transtech™ product family. You’ll be able to change from refined fuel transport and delivery to propane transport and delivery using one tractor.

Transtech™ Fuel Truck

Brady Griffith

Common options for loading and delivery.

While at the show, Westmor featured a customer’s Transtech™ RBT Fuel Truck. The unit showcased many of the common options for loading and delivery.

The truck has a 5-compartment, 4,200 gallon tank, and will soon have bottom-loading installed for loading at the terminal.

BlueService™ C-Store Support

Zach Arnold

New Self-Check-Out Option for Retail Sites

At UMCS we showcased the new Self-Check-Out option for retail fueling sites. As part of our BlueService C-Store Support we stay on top of new fueling products coming into the marketplace. 

With labor shortages, you can do more with less employee availability. One check-out clerk can manage multiple check-out lanes keeping lines to a minimum. 

Watch Zach review the self-check-out features and functionality.

Compliance and Testing

Randy Shervey

Use Westmor's Compliance Services

Ever wonder if your fueling site is compliant with your local and state regulations and pollution control agency? Randy speaks to the types of services Westmor can help with.

Make sure you’re covered whether you’re performing upgrades, updates, testing and inspections, and the work it takes to receive a passing result. Its our job to make sure you don’t have any surprises from inspections.

Here’s more from Randy…

Construction Management

Mark Kragenbring

In-house Expertise For Smooth-Running Convenience Store Projects

UMCS provided a great opportunity to talk to customers about their fueling sites. Westmor has in-house experts that will work with each customer to determine what is needed at their specific location. Our expertise spans unmanned fueling sites through the design and build of convenience stores, truck stops, and travel plazas.

We’ll work with you determine the layout of your fueling equipment as well as recommend the right products and spaces to sell those products. Our one-stop, consultative approach will take the pressure off you and allow us to bring your project ideas to life.

Bulk Storage Solutions

Jesse Schmidgall

Capabilities Westmor Offers for Bulk NH3 Storage

Westmor is Pipeline to Pump® so when it comes to fueling sites it doesn’t matter if your operation is retail, unmanned, petroleum products, or propane.

We’ve got stock tanks in multiple sizes, the ability to customize your tank using our manufacturing facilities, and more. We’ll design the layout, install your tanks and equipment, and provide the aftermarket support you need.

Jesse talks about our capabilities and the services he provided to one of his customers needing anhydrous (NH3) storage.

Alternative Fuel & Energy

Mark Kragenbring

Featuring Autogas Fueling and EV Charging Stations

In today’s market Westmor is setting themselves apart by learning more and embracing alternative fuel choices that their customers are integrating as part of their operations.

At UMCS, we featured our autogas fueling and EV charging station as well as bringing our experts in to talk more about fuel management and the options available to our customers.

Contact us today to talk more about your operational needs. We’ll listen as you describe your current operation and where you’re headed with future needs to provide you feedback on how to achieve your goals.

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