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80K Transporter

  • 80K Truck and Pull for refined fuel from Westmor Industries
  • 80K Driver getting into refined fuel Truck and Pull from Westmor Industries.
  • Westmor 80K truck and pull on the road.
  • 80K truck and pull pulling out of bulk fuel plant.
  • 80K Truck and Pull at C-Store
  • 80K truck and pull at fuel bulk plant.
  • Refined fuel truck and pull at Jerry's U-Save in Morris, MN

Manufactured specifically for our customers in the Western U.S., the 80K Transporter is designed for greater payload while still being able to fit in tight areas. Drivers need added maneuverability when transporting refined fuel to c-stores with small footprints. The unit is equipped with dual discharge lines so the driver can deliver fuel from whichever side is easier, depending on the layout of the c-store.

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Maximizing the DOT 406 Design

We engineer this DOT 406 truck with two main things in mind—the driver’s needs and your business objectives. Special attention was paid to the draw bar and safety cable connections to ensure a user friendly and ergonomic design for the driver. To help your business stay profitable, we manufactured the truck and pull to be as lightweight as possible while remaining robust and sturdy. We used aluminum for all the bracketry and rear impact bumpers for both the truck mount and pump trailer. 

Transporter Details

This petroleum transport pictured to the right is equipped with a Peterbilt 579 chassis, Cummins ISX engine, and a Fuller Advantage® ten speed manual transmission. Its truck tank is a 4,500 gallon single compartment tank and its pull tank is 5,400 gallons with three compartments. As always, we build your truck to your order—to match your fleet and fit the job you need to accomplish. 

Westmor Industries 80K Truck and Pull on the road.



  • Civacon or Dixon on 80K truck and pull
  • aluminum bumper on Westmor Industries Truck and Pull
  • custom lighting on the rear of Westmor's 80K truck and pull.
  • Breakaway mudflap bracket.

Pull Trailer

  • Double-tapper tank profile
  • Piping designed for optimum flow
  • Double ball race turntable
  • ABS brakes
  • Roll stability

Truck Tank

  • Sloped truck tank with trough
  • Supply your truck or purchase from
  • Ergonomic safety cable connection
  • Extruded aluminum bumperLarge fender brackets to prevent
    fender cracks

Truck and Trailer

  • Lightweighted from bumper to
    bumper to maximize payload
  • Simple and reliable controls
  • Ladders designed for maximum safety
  • Bright finish shell material
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