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  • Driver Standing By His Propane Proline Transport
  • Proline Transport Onsite Westmor Manufacturing
  • Propane Proline Transport Onsite Westmor Manufacturing
  • Anhydrous NH3 Fuel Proline Transports Manufacturing Site

Maximize your transport’s load potential and reduce delivery costs with customizable trailer weights and balances. Westmor’s manufacturing practices reduce premature wear and failures. Each propane and anhydrous transport is manufactured to your specific application in a range of sizes from 7,000 – 19,300 gallons.

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Custom Trailer Engineering

Every Proline™ Transport is designed with the voice of the customer at center stage. We’ll customize your trailer weights and balances to maximize your load potential and reduce delivery costs. We understand that you need every advantage to make your business successful. We want to provide you with the perfect propane trailer for your application.

Propane Proline Transport Customization


Proline™ Transports are user-friendly, safe and attractive. Our easy to operate, low maintenance trucks give drivers pride in their job and the unit they operate. Multiple axle configurations are available to meet state and local road requirements. All Proline™ Transports are compliant with DOT specifications.

Customer Standing by Propane Proline Transport

Trailer Repair & Refurbish

At Westmor Industries, we back our products with full aftermarket support. Armed with over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and truck repair space, plus a team of dedicated service specialists, we have the size and scope to get units in and out quickly and efficiently! Our repair and refurbish department is R and U Stamp Certified to ensure you will be pulling the safest propane trailers around.

Proline Transport Repair and Refurbish



  • New Light Weight Trailer Model
  • Stainless Steel Undercarriage
  • Stainless Steel Fenders
  • Elevated Rear Lights
  • Brake Interlocking Gate
  • Custom Paint
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Flanged Relief Valve
  • Lift Axle
  • A and B Train Configurations
  • Poly Fenders
  • Aluminum Single Rear Fenders
  • Rear Impact Guard
  • Hose Storage
  • Trough Style Hose Storage
  • Revolver Kingpin Plate
  • Work Lights
  • Clear Lens Lights
  • Lower Mount Nose Box with ISO
  • Piping: Crossover-Bypass Pump to Liquid
  • Bottom Third Rock Guard Coating
  • Spare Tire
  • Toolbox

Westmor WOW

“The engineers were very receptive of the changes we wanted. One of the ideas we had was to build a smaller diameter barrel. That was important to us because it lowered the center of gravity. So we built a custom trailer that we feel performs well, but we feel is much safer too.”
Accord Transportation, Chandler, OK
“Usually there’s a line up of trucks and they don’t like to see anybody on site longer than what they have to because of time. So, it’s nice to work with something that has such a simple design, that does what you want it to and you can go in, unload, and get out quickly.”
Pro-N2, Innisfail Alberta, Canada
  • Mid Atlantic Propane Proline Transport Trailer
  • Front of Propane Proline Transport
  • Propane Proline Transport Ready for the road
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