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FCT Model

Keep your operators out of the weather with one of Westmor’s full canopy tank designs. The patented heads, baffles and side shells are formed with a press brake, allowing for precise fit up of components and a longer lasting tank. Westmor’s FCT model tank keeps your petroleum products moving down the road safely with offset baffle openings, side drains and 1” double bulkheads.

Full Canopy

The FCT model is commonly used in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic states. A fully enclosed equipment area provides easy access from both sides. Our on-site manufacturing and fabrication allow you to fully customize your truck to your exact specifications and needs. Most common sizes range from 750 to 7,000 gallons.

“With the low profile tank, the tank surge is a night and day difference from the old style tanks when it comes to the comfort level and breaking. As a truck driver out all day long, out on the road, safety is number one and anything we can do to improve that we are all for it.”
Como Oil & Propane, Minnesota and Wisconsin
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