Blueline BXM Mid-Delivery Bobtail by Westmor Industries
Blueline BXM Mid-Delivery Bobtail

Blueline BXM Bobtail

Mid-Delivery Bobtail

In response to customer feedback and industry concerns regarding the safety of drivers and property damage during fuel delivery, Westmor developed a bobtail that allows fuel delivery from directly behind the cab and off either side. In many cases, deliveries can be made without backing up. 

  • Safer option for residential and city deliveries
  • Minimizes the need to back up
  • Improved driver efficiency and productivity with fewer steps needed during delivery and in-cab register
Blueline Mid-Delivery Bobtail by Westmor Industries

The new designs are useful when delivering to tight spaces, such as agricultural accounts that pack several large tanks in a row.

Jason Soulon, Westmor Regional Sales Manager, SW Region


Blueline BXM Bobtail

Inverted Multi-Wrap Hose Reel | Westmor Industries

Inverted Multi-Wrap Hose Reel

360 Degree Camera on Blueline Bobtail | Westmor Industries

360° Camera

In-Cab Register on Blueline Bobtail by Westmor

In-Cab Register

High-Mount Tail Light Bar on Blueline BXM Bobtail by Westmor

High-Mount Tail Light Bar

Ergoload Deck on Blueline BXM Bobtail by Westmor Industries

Ergoload® Deck

Westmor aluminum fenders on Blueline BXM Bobtail by Westmor

Westmor Aluminum Fenders

Standard on Blueline BXM Bobtails

Mid-Delivery Blueline Bobtail Walk-Around

Get a tour of our mid-delivery concept Blueline Bobtail with Southwest Regional Sales Manager, Jason Soulon.

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