Proline™ CO2 Transport

The CO2 transport is important to many industries including beverage carbonation, food processing, water treatment, fire suppression, and agriculture. CO2 is also a bi-product of ethanol production. 

Because of the various industries CO2 serves, customization is key when deciding on a trailer that will maximize your load potential and reduce costs.

Westmor can customize and build your trailer, all while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations.

CO2 transport Poet 2019 by Westmor
CO2 is used to serve the beverage industry, food processing (freezing and chilling), greenhouses, fire suppression systems, or some frac drillnig operations.

Options & Features

C02 Transport with Aluminum Fenders by Westmor Industries
  • Multiple axle configurations available
  • Built to DOT specifications
  • Air-ride suspensions
  • Lift axle
  • Aluminum front and rear fenders
  • Custom-balanced trailer weights
CO2 Portable Storage Transport with Trailer Relief Valves and Hoses | Westmor Industries
  • Lightweight aluminum baffles
  • Rear vapor line with relief valves
  • Elevated rear lights
  • LED lighting, work lights
  • Aluminum jacket wrap
  • Stainless steel jacket wrap
CO2 Portable Storage Transport with Rear-Mounted Volume Gauge | Westmor Industries
  • Rear-mounted volume gauge
  • 5″ polyurethane spray-on foam insulation
  • Hose storage
  • Custom paint and decals
  • Custom fenders

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • In-house design and construction engineers to customize for you 
  • Customizable trailer weights and balances
  • Efficient manufacturing ensures on-time delivery
  • Quality engineering to reduce premature wear
  • R- and U-Stamp Certified repair and refurbish departments
  • Aftermarket service and support

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