Westmor Industries, LLC, Provides Convenience, Savings and Simplicity with NEW Blueline® Bobtail Delivery Options!

A goal at Westmor Industries is to always be innovating our product line to provide improved process flow for our customers. Whenever process is improved, the customer becomes more efficient, saving time and money.
Launching today, we have 3 new mobile delivery options available on our Blueline Bobtail; each with a very specific, efficient purpose:
  • Autogas Fill Cabinet, our Mobile Fleet Fueling System. The cabinet is designed to be able to fill small fleets with propane autogas while still allowing the driver to make standard deliveries.
  • Bottle Fill Cabinet, our Mobile Cylinder Filling System. The cabinet is designed for filling smaller cylinders (up to x gallons) using the built in scale while allowing drivers to follow their regular route and make standard deliveries. There is additional cost savings by preventing an extra trip to pick up and drop off cylinders.
  • Service Pack Cabinet, our Mobile Utility Tool Box System. The design allows for convenient access to tools and storage. Choose from many layout options and/or pair it with one of the other cabinets for the ultimate propane delivery system.
Each cabinet saves the cost of purchasing extra bobtails and equipment with a simple add-on cabinet. Drivers are much more efficient by maintaining their regular routes, servicing more customers and using simple equipment manufactured for comfort and ease-of-use.

About Westmor Industries, LLC.
Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, with satellite locations throughout the Midwest, Westmor Industries is a privately owned company with more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500 employees. The 44-year-old company supplies its customers with a diverse group of product offerings used to store, transport and dispense petroleum, propane and other liquids and gasses from pipeline to pump. In addition, Westmor provides customers with vast aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, infrastructure installation and in-field services.

For more information, contact:
Mandi Carlberg, Marketing Communications Manager
3 Development Dr.
Morris, MN 56267
+1 (320) 589-2100
[email protected]

Blueline Bobtail with cabinet modules

Fuel Bobtail Service Pack cabinet

fuel bobtail bottle fill module

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