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Aviation Refueling

Westmor refueling ladders give you the flexibility to fuel larger aircraft when needed while maintaining maneuverability. With our dual-level platform fueling ladders, you get lever-activated main brakes and paddle-activated rear brakes, so you can access and refuel your equipment quickly and comfortably while remaining safe.

Our fueling ladders are constructed with lightweight aluminum to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

Aviation Refueling Ladder by Westmor

Features & Options


Compliant With:

  • SAE ARP 1247 and ARP 1328
    (withstanding wind loadings and jet blasts)


  • Refuel at rates up to 450 GPM
  • Towable at speeds up to 14 MPH


  • Corrosion resistant, lightweight, welded aluminum construction
  • Lever-activated main brake assembly
  • Extra protection for aircraft with padded upper hand rails and corner bumpers
  • Paddle-activated rear brakes
  • Two bars for simple transport
  • 8” casters for ease of mobility
Refueling Ladder by Westmor

Side-By-Side Comparison of Models

Upgrade to model RFL 5880 and take advantage of hydrant cart piping and nozzle eliminating, multiple connections, and increasing productivity.

RFL 3363

33" x 63" Platform Height
  • Dimensions: 60” x 93” x 102”
  • Fueling Manifold: NO
  • Towable: YES
  • Compliance: ATA - 103, SAE ARP 1247, SAE ARP 1328
  • Compatible Aircraft: Boeing 757, Embraer 175 and Embraer 190

RFL 5880

58" x 80" Platform Height
  • Dimensions: 68” x 119” x 119”
  • Fueling Manifold: YES
  • Towable: YES
  • Compliance: ATA - 103, SAE ARP 1247, SAE ARP 1328
  • Compatible Aircraft: Boeing 757 and Boeing 767, Airbus A300 & A319, BAE 146 (RJ-85)

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Westmor is available to train your staff on complicated aviation equipment to save you time and money and reduce the risk for user-related errors. 

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