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Truck & Trailer

Extend the life of your fleet with Westmor’s repair and refurbishment services. We have several locations throughout the United States with certified crews to get your equipment functioning like new.

Services and repairs by Westmor:

  • Valve and pump repair
  • Hose repair and testing
  • Cargo tank testing
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Remote shutdown system installation
  • Remove shutdown system testing
  • Meter calibration, repair and upgrades
  • Major barrel repair
  • Tank change-outs
  • Tank degassing and cleaning
Blueline QX Bobtail by Westmor Industries

Reach us direct during the hours of 8 to 4:30 CT (M-F)

Transport Refurbish by Westmor


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) U-Stamp
  • National board R-Stamp

Repair & Refurb BEFORE & AFTER

Photo gallery of in-house shop repairs and refurbishments by Westmor Industries.

Westmor Provers

Keeping your fueling equipment accurate has never been easier.
Did you know Westmor makes provers?

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Truck & Trailer Service

When it comes time for inspections, maintenance, parts or repairs, we are well-equipped to serve you.
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From DOT inspections to meter calibrations and upgrades, Westmor has quickly become the go-to expert to help you meet compliance, and stay running smoothly all year long.

Need replacement parts? We have stock on hand–ready to ship– ranging from meters, pumps, valves, registers, and more. Same day shipping is available in many cases.