Blueline Bobtail MODELS

Base Model

  • Up to 3,499 gallons
  • Designed for shorter run deliveries to residential, farms and commercial customers
  • Chassis options

High-Volume Delivery Model

  • 3,500 – 7,000 gallons 
  • Designed for longer distance deliveries, multiple drops or large single bulk drops
  • Chassis options

Maneuverability Model

  • Designed for delivery in hard-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for filling small propane cylinders
  • Multiple configurations available

Lightweight Model

  • 3,700 gallons on a single axle
  • Designed to haul for residential, farm or commercial use

Blueline Bobtails

Propane Delivery Trucks

The Blueline® Bobtail is one of the safest, most versatile and reliable propane delivery trucks in the market. Regardless of delivery application, our on-site manufacturing and fabrication facilities allow for full customization so your truck fits your exact needs.

Design your bobtail with the help of Westmor’s in-house engineers. You can add any number of our innovative, patent-pending options like our Ergoload® Deck Design.

Westmor manufactures our own vessels, ensuring you receive competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Standard Features

  • Tanks are manufactured and upfitted in-house
  • Stainless steel open deck and fenders
  • Welded/flanged liquid piping
  • Bolt-on fenders allow you to easily replace if damaged
  • Centrally-located, plug-and-play electrical center
  • Heavy duty meter box protects your meter from the elements
  • LED lighting makes your bobtail more visible on the road
  • Radio remote control systems to improve safety and productivity

Westmor Only: Deck Option for Blueline Bobtails

  • Ergonomic position for loading
  • Waist-height spray-fill and vapor recovery lines
  • Reduces strain, stress and injury to operators
  • Patented technology

Stock Inventory

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Bobtail Innovation

  • Waist-high spray-fill and vapor-return connections
  • Lower deck is easier to access for drivers
  • Reduces strain on the driver during fills

  • Safer option for residential and city deliveries
  • Minimizes the need to back up
  • Improved driver productivity with fewer steps needed during delivery
  • Increase productivity with higher flow rates
  • Add versatility and efficiency with multiple hose reels
  • Improve route efficiency

  • Swiveling ergonomic reel positioning
  • Creates efficiency with propane delivery
  • Locks into preferred position

Bobtail Service Pack Module

Key Benefits / Features

Westmor’s service pack option is designed to allow for convenient access to tools and storage. Drivers can organize and store fittings, tools and equipment in an organized drawer system and perform minor service work without disrupting their route. 

  • Drawers lock in place when closed
  • Customizable dividers allow drawers to be configured to fit
  • Optional LED light bar


Small Service Pack
  • 18″ tall x 18″ deep x 36″ wide aluminum cabinet
  • 3 shallow drawers
  • Optional LED light bar
Large Service Pack
  • 36″ tall x 24″ deep x 48″ wide aluminum cabinet
  • 1 shallow drawer and 3 deep drawers
  • Shelf area on top for additional storage

At NPGA 2019, Westmor revealed two new LP delivery concepts, one of which has the hose reel in the middle. Westmor is forward thinking about driver efficiency and safety. No going back.

Dave Shaw’s commitment to propane delivery compels him to wake up in the middle of the night to ensure his customers don’t run out of fuel. He trusts Westmor bobtails to help him get the job done.

ProAg Farmers Co-op, Henning, Minnesota

Common Options

Blueline Bobtails

Blueline QX Bobtail by Westmor Industries
  • High-mount tail lights
  • Meter box cover
  • Hose reel cover
  • Back-up camera
  • Vapor hose package
  • Dual three-inch sprayfill
  • Sprayfill brake interlock
  • Pump stabilization system
  • Additional worklights
  • Custom size toolbox
  • Shovel holder
  • Self-loading system
  • Stainless steel bumper cover
  • Stainless steel frame cover (behind cab)
  • Strobe lights
  • Hydraulics
  • Auxiliary hose reel
  • Blow off lines
  • Chock blocks
  • Custom paint
  • Evacuation line
  • Methanol injector
  • Nozzle holder
  • Safety fill adapter
  • Side load
  • Tire chain hanger
  • Tow hooks
  • Unmetered pump-off
  • Versa-Fill bypass valve

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • Industry-favorite Ergoload® Deck option
  • Efficient manufacturing process ensures on-time delivery
  • Cost-effective nationwide delivery available
  • Westmor engineers offering a weight scale analysis for custom orders
  • Custom finish available to incorporate company branding

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