Blueline QX Bobtail by Westmor Industries
Blueline QX Bobtail | Westmor Industries

Blueline QX Bobtail

Lightweight Model (Quench tempered steel)

Improve your operational efficiency with our lightweight bobtail model. Westmor’s top-selling Blueline QX Bobtail is designed with a quench and tempered steel tank.

In other words, we’re using stronger, lighter, high-quality steel– so we can give you a higher volume tank on the same chassis. That’s 15% more payload than a standard Blueline Bobtail. 

Choose your preferred chassis:

This model is designed for delivery to residential, farm or commercial applications. And of course, we customize.

  • Increased driver efficiency with the flexibility to make more drops per load
  • Custom vessels from 3,200 to 8,250 gallons
  • High quality-control and shorter lead times with in-house manufacturing
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing providing you with a top-of-the-line truck

Profit Calculator

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Fuel Delivery Options

Blueline BX Bobtail 3400 with standard deck by Westmor
  • Fuel delivery from rear of truck
  • Hose reel options available
  • Ergoload® Deck design available (standard deck pictured)
Mid-Delivery Blueline BX Bobtail | Westmor Industries
  • Inverted hose reel located behind cab
  • Hose reel allows for delivery off either side of truck
  • Additional versatility for residential and commercial deliveries

Blueline QX Bobtail Walk-Around

Get a tour of the key features.


  • Westmor-manufactured vessel
  • Westmor-manufactured stainless steel decking
  • Bolt-on removable fenders
  • Centrally-located electrical panel
  • LED lighting wired to meet FMVSS 108
  • Welded internal piping
  • Axalta Imron® elite paint
  • Manufactured in the United States


  • Bolt-on stainless steel or half-round aluminum fenders
  • Standard rear or mid-delivery options
  • Open or enclosed decking with or without Ergoload® Deck Design
  • LP3 Delivery system
  • Ask about our many safety features and options
  • Custom paint
  • Work lighting at rear of tank and back of cab
  • Strobe lights at rear of tank and front of truck
  • Tank evacuation/self-load: 1.25” customer pump-out line, 2” self-loading line
  • Painted carbon steel, painted stainless steel or polished stainless steel piping
  • Rock Guard protection applied to lower portion of tank and chassis frame rails to prevent corrosion
  • Multiple meter options from Liquid Controls (LC), Total Control Systems (TCS) and Red Seal (Neptune)
  • Register options: LCR-II, LCR-600, LCR.iQ, TCS3000, MID:COM E:count

We're serious about propane here in Georgia. We chose Westmor because of their history (they've been in the business for a long time.) We eliminate at least one trip per day to the bulk plant with the extra gallons this truck carries.

Monte Lewis, Plantation Propane, Thomasvile, GA

Common Options

See common options on the Blueline QX Bobtail by Westmor Industries.


  • Ergonomic position for loading
  • Waist-height spray-fill and vapor recovery lines
  • Reduces strain, stress and injury to operators
  • Patented technology

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