Westmor Industries Launches NEW, Single-Axle Blueline™ QX Bobtail

By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, expertise and experience in the market, Westmor Industries increased the size of the tank offered on a single-axle bobtail. The result? More gallons, more drops and much more profit – the all NEW, single-axle, Blueline™ QX Bobtail.

Replace your 3,200 gallon unit with the new 3,700 gallon single-axle unit, maximize the full load potential, and you’ll deliver more, increase profits and decrease expenses.

The payback period on this unit is less than 2 years. When maximizing the full load and drop potential, the payback period improves to less than 6 months. Compare any bobtail model with the new Blueline™ QX Bobtail here.

In addition to adding so much more to your bottom line, your new truck will be simple to operate, safer to drive, and easier to maintain than your current bobtail. Learn More.

About Westmor Industries, LLC

Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, with satellite locations throughout the United States, Westmor Industries is a privately-owned company with more than 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500 employees. Westmor supplies its customers with a diverse group of product offerings used to store, transport, and dispense petroleum, propane, and other liquids and gases from Pipeline to Pump®. In addition, Westmor provides customers with vast aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, infrastructure installation, and in-field services.

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