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C-Store Service & Installation

Petroleum Equipment

When it comes to petroleum equipment installation or removal, Westmor’s years of experience ensure that our teams understand your industry and operation.

We specialize in equipment related to the following fuels:

Westmor service crews understand your industry, and work as efficiently as possible to keep each project moving quickly, not to mention providing a safe work environment. Installers conform to all federal, state and local regulations.

C-Store Install | Westmor

Text for service anytime during the business hours of 
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Installation & Removal Services

Petroleum Equipment

C-Store Services | Bulk Storage | Westmor

Bulk Fuel Storage

Westmor will install, remove and replace bulk storage tanks above and below ground. We deal with refined fuels, alternative fuels, propane or DEF.

Projects can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Tank anchors/ deadman
  • Tank containment
  • Spill buckets
  • Submersible containments
  • Vapor recover
  • CP Installation and repair
  • Tank probes
  • Tank monitoring and sensors
  • Manholes
Fuel Dispenser Removal by Westmor

Dispensers and Fueling Island Areas

Dispensers are one of Westmor’s most common installation projects. Our team is equipped to install new, upgrade, repair or replace dispensing equipment.

Installations can include but are not limited to:

  • Pan for anchoring dispenser (shallow burial)
  • Dispenser containment sumps and piping
  • Monitoring and sensors
  • Island forms
  • Pumps, meters, piping and valves
  • Bumper guards
  • Hanging hardware
  • Dispenser operating system
  • Canopy, fascia, signage
ATP Plumbing to Fuel Dispensers | Westmor

Storage Tank Plumbing to Dispensers

Westmor uses double-wall APT material and will even add in syphon lines between tanks that contain same-product.

  • UDC (Under Dispenser Containment)
  • Fiberglass piping options
  • PLLD (Pressurized Line Leak Detection)
C-Store Compliance Testing Underground | Westmor

Compliance and Testing

Regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state legislatures are constantly changing. Westmor Industries stays up-to-date on upcoming fuel-related regulations and compliance deadlines, so you don’t have to.

We are equipped with a compliance department designated to assure you are meeting existing standards — and keeping your c-store up and running.

Westmor will even track your compliance dates so you don’t have to. Learn more and sign up today!

Tank Monitoring Systems

Stay compliant with UST (underground storage tank) regulations using a tank monitoring system. Our team is equipped to help you select the best option and provide the installation.

Underground Tank Monitoring System | Westmor

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Stay on the cutting edge and expand your customer reach.
Offer electric vehicle charging stations at your c-store.
Westmor is a distributor of the world’s smallest 50kW DC Fast Charger

POS System Clerk at C-Store Register | Westmor

POS and Cardtrol Systems

Retail fueling isn’t complete without a Point-of-Sale System. Contact our team to determine what system would be the most efficient for you and make sure you are EMV-ready. For locations that would like to provide gas cards to their customers, we can help you install a Cardtrol system.

Westmor Provers

Keeping your fueling equipment accurate has never been easier.
Did you know Westmor makes provers?

Support for your Convenience Store

Building a new store or upgrading your station with a remodel?
Westmor’s Bluephone Support Plus is now included!

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Convenience Store Services

When it comes time for c-store related service, installation or repairs, we are well-equipped to support you.
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Reduce downtime when a part fails – Westmor can help with our large stock of in-house parts. We carry most major brands to help get you back up and running quickly. 

Keep your store running and fuel flowing with Convenience Store Support from Westmor. Levels of support involve a team of people generating reminders for testing, answering your calls, assisting with maintenance or reporting needs and Westmor product warranties. Get more information here.