Jet and Avgas Refueling Trucks

Our aviation refuelers boast unmatched reliability. Many options are available including rear and side assemblies. Whether you’re operating an FBO or managing a fleet of refuelers at an international airport, we will work with you to engineer and manufacture a truck to your exact specifications.

There are many options available to make refueling simple. Each unit can be customized to hold fuel from 1,000 up to 10,000 gallons. Add hose reels and meters, special arctic hoses, ladders or safety railings.

Our aviation refuelers are compliant to the most recent NFPA 407 and DOT406 specifications. Our most common jet refuelers range from 3,000 up to 10,000 gallons. Piping is seamless to minimize the risk of leaking, and sized appropriately for required flow rates.

Jet Refuelers


Fueling Performance:

  • Underwing up to 300 GPM 
  • Overwing single nozzle up to 50 GPM
  • Overwing dual nozzle up to 100 GPM

Loading Performance:

  • Bottom Load up to 400 GPM


  • Designed for low maintenance and reliability
  • Sizes ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 gallons
  • Natural aluminum tank
  • Multiple equipment configurations
  • Painted componentry for corrosion protection
  • Custom branding
  • Inline pressure control valve set at 40 PSI for primary pressure control
  • Hose end pressure control valve set at 50 PSI for secondary pressure control
  • Meets the latest edition of EI 1581
  • Highly accurate, aluminum positive displacement meter
  • 300 GPM Filter/Separator
  • Electronic meter register
  • Underwing electronic rewind reel
  • Overwing electronic rewind reel
  • Electric recirculation adapter
  • Emergency shutdown switches
  • Safety strobe light
  • Aluminum storage container

Available Options

  • Tank level gauge displayed on TCS register
  • Recovery tank for fuel samples
  • Defuel to remove fuel from aircraft
  • Tank top fall protection for operator safety
  • Back-up camera for improved safety
  • Additive injection system
  • Modem to transmit transaction data to the office

Avgas Refuelers


Fueling Performance:

  • Overwing fueling up to 20 GPM

Loading Performance:

  • Bottom Load 300 GPM


  • Multiple configurations, sizes and options
  • Polished aluminum tank designed and built to DOT 406 specs
  • Electric controls for reliable, all-weather operation
  • Electronic meter registration for accurate and efficient transactions
  • Built-in compliance with ATA – 103, NFPA 407, NIST Handbook 44 and DOT 406 requirements
  • Low-level sensors
  • Bottom loading with dual high-level shutdown
  • Interlock sensors on the nozzle, loading gate and internal valve
  • Electric PD pump
  • Water-absorbing filter
  • TCS 3000 Electronic meter register
  • Pressure gauges

Available Options

  • Brake interlock system with override
  • Manual rewind bonding reel with 50′ of static wire
  • Aluminum storage container
  • Back-up alarm
  • Electronic ticket printer
  • Model
  • Back-up camera
  • Rear equipment deck
  • Pump rates up to 40 GPM
  • Telematics device
  • Handrail fall protection
  • Recover/reclaim tank
  • Vapor recovery system
  • Large storage box

Electronic Meter Register

  • Your operators will be more efficient when delivering fuel while maintaining a higher level of accuracy and security
  • Fuel can be delivered in less time without human errors when writing out tickets. 
  • The electronic information can be transmitted via the model to the back office for all record keeping needs.

Recirculation System - Full Refueler Tank

  • Remain compliant to ATA-103 when you are able to recirculate your tank.
  • This option is available on any refueler with a single-point nozzle.
  • The process is as easy as bypassing the high-level shut-off for the internal valve to stay open, allowing recirculation.

Mid-Reel & Rear Fueling ModuleS

Choose from multiple fueling module options to fit your preferences and needs. Watch the video to learn about the pros and cons of each option.

GSE Refuelers

Quickly refuel your ground support equipment with Westmor GSE Refuelers.

Watch a step-by-step guide on how to properly bottom load your aviation refueler.

A quick view of Westmor's commercial aviation fueling products.

A quick view of Westmor's general aviation fueling products.

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Westmor is available to train your staff on complicated aviation equipment to save you time and money and reduce the risk for user-related errors. 

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