Proline LT Transport

Lightweight Trailer Model

With Westmor’s Proline LT Transport, you’ll increase gallons hauled without going over weight restrictions. We’ve lowered the trailer weights to give you the ability to haul more fuel.

More product per load means less round trips, less fuel, and less maintenance or labor costs. Increasing your payload equals increasing your revenue.

LT Transports haul 11,500 US gallons for NH3 or LP.

Proline LT transport with aluminum subframe for DHT 2019-12 by Westmor

We really can’t say enough good about Westmor. Everything we do is pressurized, and we get all of our parts, hoses, etc. from them. Westmor has been very good to us, going above and beyond everything we ever wanted on each trailer.

Mike Murphy, Mike Murphy Trucking, Walthill NE

Proline LT Transport Features

Up to 5% reduced weight compared to a standard transport!

Side-by-Side Comparison of Trailer Models

Standard Model

Proline Transport
  • 1/4" Subframe
  • Dual Wheels
  • Front Fender
  • Hose Tube
  • Steel Landing Gear
  • Stainless Steel Rear Light Box
  • .250" Head Thickness

LT Model

Proline Transport
  • Aluminum Sub-frame
  • Super Single Wheels
  • No Front Fender
  • Hose Tray
  • Aluminum Landing Gear
  • Aluminum Rear Light Box
  • .220" Head Thickness


Standard Proline Transport
Proline LT Transport
 Standard Proline TransportProline LT Transport
Tank Size (gal)11,50011,500
Average Tractor Weight (lbs)17,50017,500
Average Trailer Weight (lbs)21,90020,805
Remaining Payload Capacity (gal)9,6669,927
Average Annual Loads350350
TOTAL Annual Gallons Hauled3,383,1003,474,450

*Estimated based on above scenario. Values will vary based upon tractor weight and features selected.

My favorite part is the attention to detail on every part of the trailer. The product quality is top notch. No evidence of shortcuts.

Joe Ness, TDS Trucking

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

How We Help Increase Your Payload

We create a transport design to fit your application and one that will maximize revenue potential. You get:

  • A complete evaluation of trailer and tractor options to minimize total weight
  • In-house engineers offering weight-conscientious analysis
  • Innovation and years of experience in customization
  • A manufacturing process built to handle those customizations–tank and heads are designed and manufactured in-house

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