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Westmor’s refined fuel trucks meet some of the toughest road and weather conditions in the nation. We take pride in quality workmanship and satisfied customers, striving every day to maintain our reputation as one of the best “custom-built tanks manufacturer in America.”

Work with our in-house engineering team to design a truck tank that’s to your exact specifications to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Tank sizes ranging from 400 – 7,500 gallons.

Half Canopy Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor

Truck Tank Models (Transtech™ Tanks)

Full-Canopy Tank

  • Full canopy design
  • 400 – 7,500 gallon capacity
  • Fully enclosed canopy area for easy access to equipment

Half-Canopy Tank

  • Half canopy design
  • 400 to 7,500 gallon capacity
  • Allows for large equipment area with easy access on both sides

Full-Canopy with Jamaica Wrap

  • Fully enclosed canopy area with an aluminum drop-down floor; equipped with turret drains in the front and rear
  • 400 to 7,500 gallon capacity

Half-Canopy with Nassau Wrap

  • Half canopy design
  • 400 to 7,500 gallon capacity
  • Allows for large equipment area with easy access on both sides

Rear Bucket Box

  • Rear bucket box design
  • 400 to 7,500 gallon capacity
  • Fully enclosed tank with an extended drop floor allowing for multiple meters and a recessed drain pan

Side Delivery

  • Ideal for bulk commercial deliveries
  • Ideal for agricultural deliveries
  • 400 to 7,500 gallon capacity

Common Options


RBT Refined Fuel truck by Westmor
  • TANK: Multiple tank sizes from 400 to 7,500 gallons
  • TANK LADDERS: Ergonomic tank ladders with low bottom steps and easy grab return handles
  • LOADING: Top or bottom-loading option
  • METERS: LC, TCS or Neptune meters available
  • HOSE REELS: Multiple brands, sizes and configurations of hose reels
  • WORK LIGHTS: Effectively positioned work lights
    Air manifold, manual manifold, Drybreaks or hard-piping product selector
  • CONTROL SYSTEMS: Simple, easy-to-operate control systems
  • SAFETY RAILS: Optional retractable safety rails mounted to tank tops, controlled from ground entry


  • Back-up camera
  • Flush system
  • Remote control
  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Strobe lights
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Hose tubes/hose troughs
  • Suction lines
  • Custom branding and/or decals
  • High-speed pump-off line(s)
  • Quick couplers for nozzles
  • High-pressure delivery hoses

Safety Rails for Refined Fuel Trucks

Westmor refined fuel trucks can be made safer by adding safety rails to tanks. See how they work.

Transtech Tank Design

Westmor refined fuel trucks

Trans-Tech Tank Design

See tank diagram:

  1. Full-length expanded metal safety walk area
  2. Side drains in baffles
  3. Precise press brake forming for exact fit-up of tank components
  4. Shaped bottoms for positive drainage
  5. Offset baffle opening to reduce product sloshing
  6. Unique head shape results in a one-inch space between double bulkhead compartments
  7. Extruded angle sills with neoprene (optional)
  8. Removable canopy cover for easier equipment servicing
  9. Continuous curvature heads and baffles

Custom Application Models

Westmor refined fuel trucks

Lubemaster Model Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor

Lubemaster Model

  • Custom tank sizes and cargo enclosure
  • Designed for bulk lubricants and packaged products
  • Top or bottom-loading available
  • Side delivery
LubeAll Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor

Lubeall Model

  • Custom tank sizes and barrel boot
  • Designed for bulk lubricants and packaged products
  • Top or bottom-loading available
  • Side delivery
  • Custom order
DTL (Direct-to-Locomotive) Refined Fuel Truck by Westmor

DTL Refueler


  • Tank capacities up to 7,200 gallons
  • Pumping systems allow up to 300 gallons per minute
  • Roll-up rear door for maximum safety in railroad yards
  • Easy access to meter and reel
  • Controls located in the rear compartment

Larry Black of Capital City Oil shares his customer service experience with Westmor. Although his company had never purchased equipment from Westmor before, Larry was happy with the truck he received.

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • In-house engineering staff ensures your truck is customized to fit 
  • Weight scale analysis for custom orders
  • Cost effective, on-time truck delivery
  • Competitive pricing with Westmor-manufactured vessels
  • User-friendly designs improve ergonomics and safety

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