LP3 and LP4 Delivery

Turn your bobtail into a 3-option delivery tool with Westmor’s LP3 Delivery or LP4 Delivery system. Mobile cylinder filling, mobile fleet fueling and standard propane delivery all from one bobtail will save you time and money. 

  • Reduce the need for a separate cylinder truck
  • Safely fill cylinders at the proper rate
  • Take on cylinder route using extra bobtail capacity
  • Create efficiencies and expand capabilities
  • Generate additional income by servicing autogas fleets
  • Capture lost revenue through proper metering
LP3 Delivery System on Blueline Bobtail from Westmor

What is the LP3/LP4 Delivery System?

Three options- one Bobtail

LP3 LP4 - mobile cylinder filling for forklifts - by Westmor

Mobile Cylinder Filling

Service forklift and cylinder customers with on-site service

LP3 LP4 autogas fleet fueling - filling school bus - by Westmor

Autogas Fleet Fueling

Service autogas fleets with on-site service

LP3 LP4 standard residential delivery - guy at tank- by Westmor

Standard residential Delivery

Service residential and commercial accounts


LP3 Versa-Fill bypass valve closeup by Westmor

LP3 System

Delivery system that utilizes

  • Two pumps
  • Two meters and hose reels
  • Paired with the MEC™ Versa-Fill™ adjustable bypass valve
LP4 Versa-Fill bypass valve closeup by Westmor

LP4 System

Streamlined delivery system that utilizes a

  • Single pump and meter
  • With two hose reels
  • Paired with the MEC™ Versa-Fill™ adjustable bypass valve


LP3 LP4 cylcinder filling adapter closeup

ME796 Cylinder Filling Adapter

LP3 LP4 option - Staubli Ero QD Low-Flow Nozzle by Westmor

Staubli Autogas LP Euro Nozzle

LP3 LP4 option - Stainless Steel 2-Cylinder Holder by Westmor

Stainless Steel 2-Cylinder Holder

LP3 LP4 option - aluminum 4-cylinder cage by Westmor

Aluminum 4-Cylinder Cage

LP3 LP4 option - Service Pack Small by Westmor

Small Service Pack

LP3 LP4 option - Service Pack Large by Westmor

Large Service Pack

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