Volumetric Provers

Atmospheric, Dry Bottom Design

Any time you’re producing, distributing or transporting fueling product where the transfer, or fuel custody moves from one entity to another, proving is needed. Westmor manufactures a full line of volumetric provers to calibrate your metering equipment. 

Full of industry knowledge and backed by a team experienced in working with provers every day, our product is a trusted source for state entities in need of proving equipment.

Common applications:

  • Fuel handling trucks
  • Bulk plants and terminals
  • Refineries and process plants
  • C-Stores with petroleum equipment
  • Aviation refueling equipment

Features & Options

standard or custom Provers

Keeping your equipment accurate has never been easier. Westmor can help spec your prover to make sure fuel can flow at full capacity for one minute. Find designs made to last for years to come. 

Prover by Westmor


Choose from standard sizes or customize your prover to your operation.

Standard sizes available:

  • 100 gallons
  • 500 gallons
  • 1,000 gallons
  • 1,500 gallons


Choose from skid, trailer or chassis-mounted designs. The most common material selected for provers is stainless steel but we also manufacture them out of carbon or galvanized steel upon request.

  • Stainless steel type 304 tanks
  • Hinged cover assembly with latch
  • Adjustable scale assembly calibrated in gallons and cubic inches
  • Thermowell for thermometer
  • Bottom outlet/calibration valve
  • Ladder with platform 200 gallons or larger
  • Design to other specifications is available upon request

Why Westmor?

Forward Thinking

  • Superior designs from a company experienced in servicing and manufacturing fuel handling equipment
  • Corrosion resistant materials to ensure longer lasting life
  • Designed to NIST 105 guidelines
  • Quick and accurate measuring of high volume liquid transfers
  • Increased mobility of proving equipment using trailer-mounted options

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