Westmor Introduces the Safest Side-Fill Design in the Market

Westmor Introduces the Safest Side-Fill Design in the Market


Westmor Introduces the Safest Side-Fill Design in the Market!

Morris, Minn. – Westmor Industries, LLC., one of North America’s most comprehensive energy storage, transportation, and dispensing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, announces their new side-fill design with the safest impact protection in the market. The impact protection exceeds US DOT and Transport Canada requirements. 

Westmor’s side fill positions the sprayfill line(s) and vapor return line near the front of the tank in the shell with a simple interlock system. The recessed float gauge at the front of the tank provides better visibility while loading. Choose from options such as roadside or curbside loading connections or two sprayfill lines for faster load rates. 

About Westmor Industries, LLC.

Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, with satellite locations throughout the United States, Westmor Industries is a privately-owned company with more than 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500 employees. Westmor supplies its customers with a diverse group of product offerings used to store, transport, and dispense petroleum, propane, and other liquids and gases from Pipeline to Pump®. In addition, Westmor provides customers with vast aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, infrastructure installation, and in-field services.

Westmor Introduces the Metered Proline™ Transport Making LP Delivery More Efficient

Proline Transport - metered delivery by Westmor


Morris, Minn. – Westmor Industries, LLC., one of North America’s most comprehensive energy storage, transportation and dispensing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, announced the new metering option to their Proline™ Transport product line. The idea combines their expertise in bobtail delivery with their bulk transport product line, allowing operators to perform bulk transport and deliveries using the same unit. 

The metering option is ideal for deliveries to farms and ranches where there are generally multiple tanks per site. It is also great for industrial and standard bulk tank deliveries. The unit allows drivers to serve a variety of customers, reaches into hard to reach areas – due to a tighter turning radius than a traditional tandem axle bobtail – and reduces overhead costs with fewer trips to a terminal for loading. 

Westmor Industries Designs And Manages New C-Store Project in Montevideo, MN

C-Store Install | Westmor

The construction management team at Westmor Industries has built a new C-store for Farmers Union Oil Company in Montevideo, Minnesota. The co-op has been providing their community with fertilizer, gasoline, propane, and heating since 1934. The new location is the co-op’s third c-store.

“It was time for something new and fresh in Montevideo, so we decided to put up a travel plaza,” says Robin Enevoldsen, the C-Store Manager. Enevoldsen, who has worked for the co-op for 21 years, is helping to spearhead an effort to lead the organization into a new era.

“During this transition and process, our general manager of 45 years retired, so not only were we going through the process of designing a new store, we were going through the process of designing a new management team, says Enevoldsen.”

c-store Farmers Union Oil Co in Montevideo MN by Westmor

The new management team has a vision to stay up to date with technology and appeal to a younger audience. Enevoldsen states, “We built this facility and what’s here so we are able to adjust to changing technologies. Our point of sales, our ovens, everything down to our coolers—everything is digital and online. If I have a problem with my freezer, I get an alert on my phone.” The co-op is also planning on having an electric car charging station in the future.

Westmor Industries provides pre-construction services, architectural design, and project management for c-store construction.

Westmor Industries Rail Loading Arm Designed With Few Moving Parts

Rail Terminal | Rail Loading & Unloading | Westmor Industries

Westmor Industries manufactures rail loading arms for LP and NH3 fuel transfer. The design features a reduction in the 90° swivels and only one 45° swivel, creating a less restricted flow, which generates a higher capacity flow rate. The unit comes pre-assembled for easy install. Built with one swivel for low maintenance, the unit swings out over a rail car and back for storage.

For safety, the rail loading arms are designed with few moving parts and no spring tensioning. The unit’s emergency shut off valve (ESV) is compliant with NFPA code.

The arms require minimum maintenance, needing greasing only once a year. Westmor offers 5 and 10 year maintenance programs for the hoses.

Westmor Industries Adds 80K Truck and Pull to Transport Lineup

Westmor Industries launches their 80K Truck and Pull, designed to meet market needs in the Western U.S. Built to DOT 406 specifications, the unit is manufactured with a lightweight, ergonomic design.

“The advantage of the 80K transporter is that it designed to provide greater payload and still get into the tight places that it needs to get into,” says Jason Soulon, Westmor’s Branch Manager for its plant in Shawnee, Kansas.

The unit is equipped with dual discharge lines so the driver can deliver fuel from whichever side is easier, depending on the layout of the c-store where the drop is taking place. The truck tank is a 4,500-gallon single compartment tank while the pull tank carries 5,400 gallons in three compartments. To make the truck lighter in weight, Westmor uses aluminum for all the bracketry and rear impact bumpers.

Westmor Industries Releases New Proline Lightweight Trailer Model

Proline LT transport with aluminum subframe for DHT 2019-12 by Westmor

Westmor Industries, launches a new design for its LT Proline™ Transport model that reduces the unit’s weight by up to 5%. Engineered with a 3/16” subframe and no front fender, the updated model allows operators to carry more fuel because of its reduced weight.

To diminish the unit’s weight, Westmor engineers choose to manufacture the rear light box and landing gear with aluminum and swap out the standard hose tubes with a tray. The lightweight model also includes a super single wheel and rim design.

Fuel transporters seeking to drop off more fuel with each load benefit from a lighter transport because of its increased fuel capacity, which creates more efficiency on the road.

Westmor Industries, LLC, Simplifies and Standardizes Blueline® Bobtail Electrical Center

By listening to customer feedback and understanding their repair and replacement needs, Westmor Industries used their industry expertise and product knowledge to determine a way to standardize and simplify the electrical center in their Blueline® Bobtail.

In the industry there isn’t consistency between electrical centers. It can be difficult to find relays, pressure switches, fuses and the electrical connections. They can be located almost anywhere from under the chassis hood to a side tool box and almost any place in between.

Westmor has addressed this challenge by placing everything into one box that is centrally located on the rear, passenger side of the chassis cab. The location is one that stays fairly clean compared to previously used locations and is readily accessible.

This high quality, plug and play unit serves as a centrally located diagnostic system that can be can be easily repaired or replaced. No matter what the electrical shortcoming, it is simple to figure out if it’s a chassis or a bobtail issue. There will be no wasted time searching around for the different components and connection points that Westmor installs.

Due to the technique used to design the electrical center, it will be easier than ever to add in additional bobtail options. This system is standard on all new Blueline® Bobtails.

Westmor Industries Provides Convenience, Savings and Simplicity with NEW Blueline® Bobtail Delivery Options!

A goal at Westmor Industries is to always be innovating our product line to provide improved process flow for our customers. Whenever process is improved, the customer becomes more efficient, saving time and money.
Launching today, we have three new mobile delivery options available on our Blueline Bobtail; each with a very specific, efficient purpose:
  • Autogas Fill Cabinet, our Mobile Fleet Fueling System. The cabinet is designed to be able to fill small fleets with propane autogas while still allowing the driver to make standard deliveries.
  • Bottle Fill Cabinet, our Mobile Cylinder Filling System. The cabinet is designed for filling smaller cylinders (up to x gallons) using the built in scale while allowing drivers to follow their regular route and make standard deliveries. There is additional cost savings by preventing an extra trip to pick up and drop off cylinders.
  • Service Pack Cabinet, our Mobile Utility Tool Box System. The design allows for convenient access to tools and storage. Choose from many layout options and/or pair it with one of the other cabinets for the ultimate propane delivery system.
Each cabinet saves the cost of purchasing extra bobtails and equipment with a simple add-on cabinet. Drivers are much more efficient by maintaining their regular routes, servicing more customers and using simple equipment manufactured for comfort and ease-of-use.

Westmor Industries Innovates Blueline® Bobtail Piping

flanged pipe connection on Westmor Blueline Bobtail


Westmor Industries Innovates Blueline® Bobtail Piping.

By utilizing Westmor’s in-house engineering and design staff with their expertise and experience in the market, Westmor Industries has redesigned their bobtail piping to create leak-free connections. The new design uses flanged connections instead of threaded connections which drastically decreases the chance of a leak and allows for easier repairs than previous designs.

The innovative design is the new standard for Westmor. Customers will experience cost savings with a decrease in the need for repair on their piping as well as the ease of the repair work.

flanged pipe connection on Blueline BX Bobtail by Westmor

Westmor Industries Launches NEW, Single-Axle Blueline™ QX Bobtail

Blueline QX Bobtail by Westmor

By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, expertise and experience in the market, Westmor Industries increased the size of the tank offered on a single-axle bobtail. The result? More gallons, more drops and much more profit – the all NEW, single-axle, Blueline™ QX Bobtail.

Replace your 3,200 gallon unit with the new 3,700 gallon single-axle unit, maximize the full load potential, and you’ll deliver more, increase profits and decrease expenses.

The payback period on this unit is less than 2 years. When maximizing the full load and drop potential, the payback period improves to less than 6 months. Compare any bobtail model with the new Blueline™ QX Bobtail here.

In addition to adding so much more to your bottom line, your new truck will be simple to operate, safer to drive, and easier to maintain than your current bobtail. Learn More.